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Frequent Questions

Is it safe?

Yes! Getting your surgery in Mexico is just as safe as it is in America.

If you only take your information from the news then you'd think that Mexico is dangerous, but that's simply not the case. It's just as safe in Mexico as it is in Michigan. 

All of the hospitals our surgeons practice out of are in clean, upscale areas that are well protected by a 24/7 police presence. 

How skilled are the surgeons?

Like anywhere, some surgeons are more skilled than others. We submit each of our surgeons to a rigorous verification process to determine if they're at least as good as the best surgeons in America.

We qualify our surgeons based on:

  • Education history (most of our surgeons have studied and trained in America)
  • Professional history
  • Experience and success rates
  • Memberships within prestigious medical societies
  • And much more
How long do I have to stay?

Depending on the surgery you choose you could be back home within 4 days of arriving in Mexico. Most people only require 3 - 5 days before they're recovered enough to travel back home. 

How much does it cost?

The average costs of bariatric surgery in Mexico:

  • Gastric Sleeve ($4,000 - $7,000)
  • Gastric Bypass ($5,500 - $10,000)
  • Duodenal Switch ($6,500 - $11,000)
Why is it so much cheaper?

Surgery in Mexico is cheaper for many reasons:

  • Favorable exchange rates
  • Low cost of living
  • Smaller wages for medical staff
  • More efficient healthcare system

Arguably, Mexico tends to offer the biggest bang for your buck when compared to the outrageous prices of the American healthcare system

What's included in the price?

Usually, the only thing not included in the package price are your flights. Everything else is covered including:

  • Transfer between airport, hospital, and hotel
  • 4 or 5-star accommodation
  • All pre and post-op guidelines and instructions
  • All pre and post-op evaluations
  • Two Surgeons in the operating room with you
  • Anesthesiologist
  • Operating room costs
  • Pre and post-op medication

Previous Patients' Experience

Beth | Testimonial

"My biggest motivation was pure & simple self esteem.  I also felt as a therapist that my professional credibility was at stake. How could I tell others how to manage their issues when I was clearly wearing my issues on my backside!? I had tried every diet out there with tremendous short term success but nothing permanent...I needed an "off switch" & that is exactly what the sleeve gave me.

Bottom line is my only regret is that I didn't do it 15 years earlier!"

Beth C.

Lee Anne

"After finding about the Mexico option and finding this procedure (VSG) it was like so meant to be for me. There was no question, never a doubt and I have no regrets whatsoever.

...probably the biggest and most important thing is that I feel so much better about myself. My self-esteem, my feelings of independence, my feelings of worth. When you think about it being fat takes all of that away, and becoming thinner brings it back. All in all I feel awesome and would 100% do it again"

Lee Anne


"I was perfectly fine traveling and did not have any issues at all! I am off of all medications. I was on blood pressure, cluster migraine meds, pre-diabetic meds, etc… now nothing but a multivitamin. I am happy.

I lost my husband to cancer in 2012 and did not want my children to deal with my health issues too, so I determined to regain my youthful attitude and THRIVE. It was the best decision I've ever made."

Shannon L.

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Joint Commission International

How It Works

1. Compare Surgeons

We work with the top surgeons in Mexico and Costa Rica to get you the care you need without breaking the bank. After you reach out, you'll get detailed information so you can choose who best fits your needs and budget

2. Message Instantly

After you've selected your top surgeons, you can contact them instantly with all of your questions. They'll walk you through everything step-by-step

3. Book It

After your surgeon has confirmed you're eligible, you'll choose a date that fits your schedule, pay a small deposit to reserve your spot, and get your pre-op instructions

4. Arrival

The big day is finally here! We take care of all the logistics from airport transfers and accommodation to translators and food. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the journey

5. Surgery

Upon arrival, you'll go to the hospital to meet your surgeon and his team in person. You'll get a few pre-op tests to make sure you're good to go, and then it's time!

6. Departure

Post-surgery, you'll stay a few days in the hospital to ensure you recover as expected. As soon as you're cleared for travel we'll drive you back to the airport and say our goodbyes

The Destination Medic Advantage

  • Board Certified Surgeons

  • Verified Patient Reviews

  • Transparent Prices

  • Internationally Accredited Hospitals

  • Luxury Accommodation

  • Travel Assistance

See What Our Patients Are Saying

I so appreciate you checking in with me. The surgeon and her team are wonderful. And, Destination Medic has been so helpful with everything and I want to tell you how very much I appreciate everything!

Lori B.

January 2018

Thank you so much for checking in! I feel fabulous and its been less than a month! I can't thank Destination Medic enough for helping me through this process.


February 2018

I am doing very well, much better than I ever expected. Everything was Amazing. The doctor and facility were Excellent. I was pretty nervous going into it, but had no issues with anything. As soon as I got to the facility everyone made me feel so comfortable. The after care was Superb! I would definitely recommend Destination Medic.


February 2018

Thank you for checking in on me. I am doing well. Surgery went well. I got ice chips this afternoon, which is the best ice I've ever had. Haha. All of the staff are all amazing, knowledgeable and kindBest choice I could have ever made. Thank you so much for checking on me. You guys are the best!!!


April 2018

Thank you so much to Destination Medic for helping guide me on this journey! All went fantastic and I’m headed back home now. Everything was amazing and I’m so glad I went! I look forward to a longer, healthier life now!


April 2018

Thanks so much for checking in!  Things went really well and I'm feeling good.  We were so impressed with Destination Medic, the facility and all the staff.  I felt very well taken care of the whole time!  Thanks again for all your help.


June 2018

Everything went well, I have no pain and have had no problems traveling the unusually long trip.  I had a fantastic experience.  Everyone was super friendly and took amazing care of me.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Destination Medic to anyone.  I can’t say enough good things about my experience.


July 2018

Thanks for checking in. I am 2-weeks out of surgery and it has been a whirl-wind experience. The weight is gradually falling off, and I find myself very full of energy. I believe this was one of the best decisions for my life.


July 2018

Thank you for your email, all went very well. I am doing everything I am supposed to be doing. I want to thank Destination Medic for all your support through the process. I have been very happy with everything...the professionalism, thoroughness and kindness of everyone here. Thank you Destination Medic!


August 2018

The surgeon is excellent, very competent and A++. Hospital cleanliness is A++ and friendliness is A++. Thank you to the Destination Medic team for facilitating this.


September 2018